No two international markets are the same. The Chinese market is no exception, especially because it’s the biggest and most competitive market in the world.
Leveraging the largest market
in the world
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Marketing to Chinese Customers

We understand that marketing initiatives targeted to one audience don't always work for another. We create targeted online and marketing strategies that work specifically for Chinese businesses and consumers.


Our parent company, Online Republic, has enjoyed considerable success in rolling out our family of travel and tourism websites in Chinese. We also leverage Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, to drive traffic and sales to our homepages. If you're interested in targeting the Chinese domestic market in their own languages, we also have a lot of experience in creating and managing these type of campaigns. 



Our Approach

We have spent years researching the Chinese market and how to leverage different online channels effectively to gain traffic and profitable ROI - so you don't have to.  

We will take the time to understand your business and marketing goals then develop a Chinese marketing strategy that works.

We understand that the search marketing processes we follow aren’t the same overseas, so we keep our team up­-to-­date with all Chinese marketing developments.

We are a Baidu search engine partner and along with our Chinese office can easily roll out different campaigns through this channel. 


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If you’re ready to partner with a team that already has years of success in online marketing and selling into China, contact us now.


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