A beautiful example of a landing page optimised for conversions

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Occasionally, I’ll come across a slick looking landing page and save it to my swipe file to replicate and test at a later date. The one below is a classic example of a landing page that possesses many of the on-page conversion rate optimisation elements that we know increases leads and sales.

  1. Social proof – the Facebook icons with 5.5k likes shows that other people like and trust this product.
  2. A prominent headline that creates intrigue ‘Discover the Method…’ and includes a specific benefit ‘Generate an extra $2,400 a day’. Note the figure is highlighted in a different colour to make it stand out.
  3. A brief introduction to draw the user in to the page.  Signed off with a handwritten signature to make it authentic.
  4. Autoplay video that catches the target audiences attention by pointing out their problems. It also includes wealthy and recognisable business people.  Great for building trust and authority through association.
  5. Fake certificate above Michael’s ‘supposed’ office.  Again, builds trust and authority – similar to how pharmaceutical presenters wear white coats in infomercials. There is also a sneak peak inside the course displayed on the laptop.
  6. Call-to-action above the fold.  Strong headline ‘Take ACTION’ & ‘Get Access NOW.’
  7. Famous broadcaster logos to build trust (Sky TV, NBC, Bloomberg, etc.)  If the site appeared on these reputable sites, they must be trustworthy…
  8. Security logos at the bottom of the form to build trust. Note the dollar bill in the background.
  9. Copy that immediately communicates what the product is, and why it was developed. Included at the bottom of the copy is a call-to-action, in text format,  for users who are ready to convert.
  10. The personalised introduction of Michael. Friends buy from friends.  The copy outlines his background and why the users should trust his product. Note the casual dress attire – relaxed and personable.  Different to the professional power shot at the top of the page.
  11. Success stories, reviews and ratings in various countries – Note the 4.5 and 3.5 ratings to make it more believable.
  12. Another call-to-action to convert those who are ready. Note the headline ‘Start using my method TODAY’ – instant gratification. If I enter my email, I’ll get this information to be rich immediately! Note the inclusion of trust elementsagain.
  13. Spelling out exactly what the user will get – answers any objections in the consumers head.
  14. Testimonials with proof of their success.  No stock images here. The testimonial shots are of everyday people.
  15. FAQs – this answers all those cynics out there. Nothing is for free right? The FAQ’s section justifies why and how Michael can give away this information for free!
  16. More trust elements.  100% risk free! 100% safe, proven method. I, as a consumer, have nothing to lose right?
  17. Finally, another call-to-action to capture those that are ready to go!
  18. Light blue / yellow / orange elements. Similar trust colors are used by news networks. Blue color theme makes the site look professional and trusted.
  19. And last but not least, the exit pop capturing users and trying to sell them one more time.

What other conversion rate elements can you spot on this sales page?

An example of a landing page optimised for conversions
An example of a well optimised landing page

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