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Preparing for Mother’s Day and other events

With Mother’s Day not too far away, I hope that most advertisers (or at least those that have a product/service that is highly…
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Conversion Rate Optimisation – Where To Start

Conversion Rate Optimisation , often referred to as CRO for short, is the process of optimising a website to improve the conversion rate…
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Remarketing for Search Ads with Google Analytics

      Remarketing for Search ads (RLSA) is similar to display remarketing in that you are showing ads to users that have…
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The Google Keyword Planner has changed!

Well not really… Changes to the Keyword Planner The change that Google has made to the Keyword Planner tool is not major –…
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How to use Call-Only campaigns in Google AdWords

On February 20 2015, Google AdWords introduced call-only campaigns. As this feature is still relatively new, a lot of people are still trying…
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Facebook Now Drives a Quarter of all Web Traffic

Shareaholic recently released an analysis of the traffic sources of over 300,000 sites and found that traffic from Facebook has dramatically risen over…
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