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5 Tips to Write Effective Text Ads: Google Best Practices

Creating high-converting, descriptive copy for pay-per-click (PPC) ads is a challenge that can make or break your campaign. Your goal – to craft…
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Rank for Featured Snippets: How to Get Your Site to Position Zero

What are Featured Snippets? A featured snippet is a text box, set apart from other results, that directly answers a user’s question in…
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Frequency Capping – A Best Practices Guide for Google and Facebook Ads in 2019

You’ve noticed them, haven’t you? Each time you check social media. Chasing you.  Stalking you. Waiting for you to notice them. Frequency Capping…
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Your 5-Minute Best Practice Guide to Internal Linking

You’ve got world-changing products, red-hot content and slick graphics on hundreds of dazzling pages. How do you bring it all together?   Link…
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YouTube – What’s up with the Ad Avalanche?

Wow, another 15-second sales pitch? YouTube users have noticed a suspicious increase in non-skippable ads on YouTube.   You can’t escape. Click on…
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Google Ads: Farewell to the Average Position Metric!

In February ‘19, Google declared they would retire the Average Position Metric. Google Ads introduced average position in the early 2000s as one…
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