Has NZ e-commerce giant Online Republic just built the ultimate search agency?

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With a new year underway, perhaps you’ve realised it’s time to take your online investment more seriously. You’re probably doing your research and wondering “Search Republic – what makes them any different from other digital agencies?”

In this post we explain why Search Republic is different – vastly different, to what else is out there. Here are 10 key points of difference that separate us from other digital agencies.

  1. We know what we are really good at, Search Marketing and Website Optimisation – we focus on that and don’t try to be everything to everyone. A lot of digital agencies try to do everything from the creation of Facebook apps to Google adwords to banner ads, with average results across all.
  1. Online Republic, our parent, has built up and trained the ultimate in-house search marketing team over the past 9 years. That team does nothing but relentless optimisation of Online Republic’s search advertising profitability – focusing on increasing quality website traffic and conversions.  This teams competes in the most competitive markets in the world – UK and US where e-commerce has been a core sales and marketing channel for a long time. Along with ex-Googlers that is the team that will be driving Search Republics client’s Search Marketing.
Search Republic Ultimate Team
  1. Over the last 9 years Online Republic has spent $25m of its own money on paid search. Their current online advertising investment is around $700,000 per month. Every dollar spent is measured and then optimised to improve ROI. This methodology is continued with Search Republics’ clients – every dollar of their advertising budget is optimised to seek out the best return, treating the clients budget as if it were their own.
  1. Search Republic doesn’t operate on “gut feel”. It researches clients historical data, mines analytics and past campaigns to uncover the best opportunities. Search marketing is a scientific process and the years of experience operating in highly competitive markets means Search Republic has a competitive advantage over other agencies.  Online Republic manages 3500 of its own websites and has thousands of keywords in number one organic spots. When Google makes algorithmic changes Search Republic has a very clear understanding on the impact it has on its clients websites and what needs to be carried out to improve search engine rankings.
Science of Search
  1. Search Republic is ahead of other agencies which are primarily NZ focused. Through competing in the toughest most mature search markets around the world, Search Republic can trial and test new trends before they hit New Zealand shores and access historic information for future trending.
  1. The Google connection: Online Republic has always had a close relationship with Google and has teamed up with ex-Googlers to create Search Republic. This brings years of experience with large organisations across all verticals to create the ‘ultimate team’, providing an unparalleled depth and breadth of search expertise to New Zealand businesses.  Our goal is to enable Kiwi businesses to achieve what Online Republic has achieved both here in NZ and on the international stage.
  1. Experts on tap: Search Republic through its ex-Googler employees has a network of ex-Googlers across the world that they can tap into when required: Google Analytics experts based in Singapore, remarketing specialists based in the US, the list goes on.  Search Republic can access know-how right from the ‘horse’s mouth’, so our clients benefit exactly where they want to see results.
  1. Mobile is not just the future it is now, and Search Republic knows mobile. Around 25% of Online Republic”s website visits are carried out via mobile devices. The Search Republic team have been developing mobile campaigns, optimising websites for mobile and ensuring mobile conversion rates are fully optimised for a number of years now. 
  2. Search Republic insists on working closely with their clients. Advertisers know their business goals, products and services, target markets and competitors better than anyone else (including Search Republic). Search Republic invests a lot of time upfront to work closely with their clients to understand their business and Search Marketing objectives. And we don”t just set and forget campaigns. We meet with clients regularly to review performance, discuss trends, competitor activity… everything that can help drive a better ROI.
  1. 100% transparency. Search Republic has a very open relationship with its clients and an important part of that is education around exactly what Search Republic is doing with their clients marketing budgets, why it is doing it, what is working well and what isn’t. We are not interested in inflating performance by manipulating data and producing impressive graphics. We look at performance in black and white, like a business owner would.

Brad has spent many years working on client side, developing digital strategies and managing teams to implement those strategies. He understands the challenges and priorities from an online marketer’s perspective ­ the high targets, tight budgets and the education required to gain internal buy ­in to digital strategies. He also likes riding his Mt bike and telling stories about all the mountains he has climbed before becoming a Dad.

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