Baidu Advertising
Baidu is the largest search engine in China, holding over 80% of the market share. Baidu presents a prime advertising opportunity for any business contemplating marketing to China.
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Baidu Advertising

In most western countries, Google is hands-down the world’s most-used search engine; in China, however, Baidu represents the largest search provider. Holding over 80% of the market share, Baidu presents a prime advertising opportunity for any business contemplating marketing to China. Just as any digital marketer with New Zealand consumers in mind would concentrate on driving traffic to their business’ website through a strong presence on Google, every business with China in its sights should contact the experts to explore the ins and outs of advertising on Baidu.

So: what exactly does advertising on Baidu involve? The first thing you need to know is that the advertising certification process is much more intensive for Baidu than it is for Google, with the process calling for expert knowledge of the language and steps involved. Luckily, Search Republic can equip you with all of that – so onto the specifics! Like Google, Baidu Advertising has its own unique tools (Baidu Tuiguang, Baidu Tongji, and Baidu Zhanzhang, to be precise), each of which corresponds to the more-recognisable Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Seach Console extensions. On top of that, Baidu also has a display network for all of your banner ads, and we’ll help you to decide which forms of advertising (i.e. pay-by-click, paid advertising, Baidu SEO) are best for your business.


Lastly, a little about our approach. Baidu isn’t the same as Google, so you can count on taking advantage of our in-depth knowledge and familiarity with Baidu to make the best advertising choices. We know that employing a marketing agency when developing your Chinese-advertising strategy is an additional expense, but we can assure you that we make the most of every dollar that you set aside for your search budget to grow your digital profile and, before long, earn that money back and more. In today’s online marketing environment, it’s all about driving each potential customer to your website, getting those conversions up, and meeting your business goals.

Professional SEO services


While there are many similarities between Google and Baidu search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, both platforms place different weights on a range of ranking factors. This includes how both indexes determine the value of external links pointing to a domain, and the weight given to the internal links within a site. Google and Baidu are also different in how they handle local searches, as Google targets a global audience as opposed to Baidu’s purely domestic focus. Accordingly, Baidu rankings are more affected by province rather than country-level factors. If you want your business’ website to be the first listing displayed by a Baidu search, our Chinese SEO experts can help you towards this result.

Baidu Paid Search and SEO

Looking to tap into Baidu; China’s equivalent of Google? Search Republic can guide you through the ins and outs of marketing through this unique search engine.  

Our SEO experts have mastered the Chinese marketing tactics required to ensure that your business can reach the 700 million potential customers on Baidu’s user-base.

Boasting extensive experience in Baidu search engine marketing, Search Republic will develop an advertising strategy that drives traffic straight to your business.

We’ll work closely with you to determine the types of Baidu advertising that will provide the most benefit for your business including text ads and banner ads.

Drawing on the extensive experience of our parent company, Online Republic, in working with businesses in the area of Baidu SEM as well as the larger realm of Chinese SEO, Search Republic’s expert team will get your Chinese marketing strategy off the ground. Ask us about marketing on Baidu today, and we’ll work with you to make your business a Baidu stand-out.


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