Marketing to Chinese in NZ/AU
New Zealand boasts an ever-growing population of Chinese New Zealanders - over 170,000. Is this demographic on your radar?

First and foremost, understand that marketing to local Chinese customers can be markedly different from angling your campaigns toward westerners. A leading difference between the two is the preferred social media: most New Zealanders don’t stray far from the holy trio - Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat – but chances are that a Chinese New Zealander will sooner opt for Chinese platforms such as Weibo and WeChat (especially if they’re recent immigrants, or have family back in China who habitually use these social media). It can be confusing knowing which platform to capitalise on first: Weibo, WeChat, or perhaps Google Ads? We’ll give you answers to questions like this, and guide you through the process of attracting a loyal Chinese customer base through leveraging social channels.

Marketing to Chinese in NZ/AU

New Zealand boasts an ever-growing population of Chinese New Zealanders (around 170,000, the last time we checked!), meaning that if this demographic isn’t on your radar already, you might want to have a re-think of your business strategy. If you have awoken to the sensibility of marketing to the Chinese consumer community in New Zealand, on the other hand, then there are a couple of things you need to know before jumping head-first into the sometimes-labyrinthine world of Chinese advertising and SEO.


In terms of marketing to the Chinese community, there are three main points that we recommend you keep at the forefront of your marketing strategy. The first relates to your selection of social channels; we’ve mentioned the primary platforms above, but there may be major differences between Chinese Aucklanders’ social media habits and preferences, and the digital avenues preferred by Chinese living in the South Island. The second? Word of mouth – recommendations from family members and friends play a vital part in Chinese users’ decision-making processes. Thirdly, search marketing; Chinese are heavy users of mobile search to find information at any time for any situation – thus having a strong presence on Google (in Chinese via ads and/or SEO) with landing pages in Chinese is very important.

If your business wants to expand its target demographic to include the great base of Chinese consumers that we have here in New Zealand, then get in touch with us today. Search Republic and its parent company Online Republic boast years of combined experience – and many a happy client – when it comes to Chinese digital marketing through WeChat, Weibo, Google/Baidu paid search and SEO, so you can be assured that we’re the best agency to recruit in order to get your Chinese marketing strategy off the ground. Many SMEs and major brands have already begun capitalising on the trends we’ve outlined above, so the sooner you ask us about marketing to Chinese communities, the better!

Local Chinese

If you’re interested in advertising to local Chinese in New Zealand, ensure you’re using the right online marketing strategy by engaging Search Republic’s expertise.

With the Chinese population of New Zealand on the increase – and with China’s growing economic presence – now’s the time to realign your marketing strategy towards this dynamic market.

Since the majority of local Chinese continue to prefer Asian digital platforms, your business is sure to benefit from our comprehensive understanding of Chinese marketing trends.

Straddling the digital borders of China and New Zealand, our multilingual team will act as a mediator when handing you the know-how and strategies to extend your wares to local Chinese in NZ/AU.


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