WeChat Advertising  - A Must Do for Marketing to Chinese
WeChat is a super App that Chinese use every day to check daily news, text messages, order food, transfer money and much more.
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Talking to the experts at Search Republic about setting up a WeChat official account for your business is a smart first step in re-jigging your advertising to suit a Chinese market. From there, we’ll work with you to select and implement the advertising methods typically used on WeChat. These include – but are certainly not limited to - moment ads, display banners, key opinion leader marketing (KOL), WeChat account management, and WeChat online stores. Whether it’s a particular selection of these methods that you and your business require, or the whole lot, we’ll ensure your WeChat marketing profile is unique and appealing to a Chinese audience. With such a profusion of products and services milling around on WeChat, you’ll want to ensure that yours stands out – and with our history of working with and drawing out the idiosyncratic qualities of New Zealand’s best businesses, we can help you to create a truly marketable WeChat presence.

WeChat Advertising

To many New Zealanders, the term “WeChat” won’t ring any immediate bells, but it occupies a vital place in any marketing strategy involving Chinese consumers. In essence, WeChat is a popular – as in, a 600-million-user-base popular – text and voice messaging application for mobiles. Despite only being developed in 2011, WeChat now takes the cake as the largest app of its kind used by Chinese messagers.


While including a messaging app at the core of your Chinese marketing strategy may sound slightly odd to the ears of traditionalists, WeChat comes free with an already-formed, millions-strong consumer base that’s just waiting to be marketed to. Even better, the app has a built-in WeChat store and has emerged as a foundational e-commerce platform with all generations of Chinese. Far from being used simply for instant message purposes, WeChat is an established shopping hub, and thousands of businesses advertise everything from makeup products to dog-grooming on its marketplace pages.

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To build your brand awareness with Chinese audiences, and to develop a digital community of consumers that you can market to in the long-term, get in touch with Search Republic today. Not only do we employ dedicated China marketing specialists, but our parent company, Online Republic, has a wealth of hard-won experience when it comes to WeChat and Weibo marketing in the competitive Chinese tourism market. Not only will Search Republic’s multilingual specialists create and optimise your profile and advertising for Chinese platforms, but we can also help you to set up WeChat pay, a popular online payment vendor in China. 


So with WeChat and its extensions offering such a unique opportunity to tap into what makes Chinese customers tick in the digital age, what’s to lose? Ask us about marketing to China using WeChat advertising today.

Social Media (WeChat and Weibo)

Make international e-commerce part of your marketing strategy today by advertising your business on China’s leading social media channels.

To the unfamiliar, the world of Chinese social media can seem impenetrable – but not when armed with Search Republic’s hand’s-on experience with platforms including WeChat and Weibo.

Catering to hundreds of millions of users, WeChat and Weibo are two of the most popular social media sites in China (meaning a ready base of consumers from the get-go).

Search Republic’s Chinese marketing gurus will show you how to navigate the marketplace functions on WeChat and Weibo, so that your product or service reaches its ideal audience. Both in China and target closer Chinese audiences in New Zealand and Australia.


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