Preparing for Mother’s Day and other events

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With Mother’s Day not too far away, I hope that most advertisers (or at least those that have a product/service that is highly relevant to Mother’s Day) will already have a strategy in place for this important date in the advertising calendar. Whether you are prepared or not, it is still a good opportunity to reassess your current strategy and to look at what other events are coming up.

Some of the main events in the advertising calendar

Leanne - Valentines DayLeanne - Back to schoolLeanne - Christmas

New Years

Back to school

Valentine’s Day


End of financial year

Mother’s/Father’s Day


School Holidays

Wedding season

DIY season

Entertainment season





Other events and Predict HQ

Leanne - Predict HQ

The events above are the main events that affect a large proportion of consumers, so strategies should be put in place for the events that have a big impact on YOUR consumers/customers. However, there are a lot of other events that you should also be aware of, as they could also have a big impact on your specific industry/area. For this, you could look at Predict HQ – an event intelligence platform that has data on a wide range of global events (currently in Beta = free).


Once you have identified key events throughout the year that will impact on your advertising, you need to come up with a strategy. Generally we recommend that you start preparing for major events at least a month before.

We recommend a strategy based on the following steps:

1) Research – look at the relevant search queries for the previous years, as well as any trends (consider Google Trends, Google Consumer Barometer and Keyword Planner). Get an idea of what people searching for, and when they are they searching for it. This will guide your general search keyword strategy, and when you launch and/or upweight the campaign. For example; according to Google, Mother’s Day searches for ‘spa and beauty services’ peak at the start of May, with ‘day spa’ queries in particular up 28% from April. This research will also give you a better understanding of what the ideal budget range will be for your campaign

Leanne - Google Trends

2) Messaging – this will be key to the success of your campaign. A lot of advertisers miss out on many opportunities by having the same messaging all year around, instead of changing this out for different events throughout the year. Changing out the messaging of your ads, landing pages, and other activity for different events throughout the year increases the relevancy of your ads to the consumer, which means they are then more likely to click through to your website.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing messaging to base your campaign around include

* Relevancy – how relevant is your messaging compared to what people are actually searching for?

* Originality – this one can sometimes conflict with relevancy, but you don’t want to have the same messaging as your competitors.

* Emotive – many of these events have an emotive element that you can capitalise on with targeted images and/or messaging, e.g. ‘The gift your mother deserves’, or even ‘Thoughtful gifts that will make your Mum cry’.

* Promotions – consider if you want to offer something additional to your usual offering, to also separate yourself from the many competitors also targeting these events, e.g. 5% off all products until Mother’s Day.

* Call to action – consider being more creative with your call to action. Instead of ‘Buy Now’ consider ‘Treat Your Mum’, or similar.

* Sense of urgency – many of these events are based on a single day. Emphasise the urgency for users to act immediately, e.g. ‘Make sure you Mum doesn’t miss out – order today!’

3) Promotion channels – decide how and where to promote your campaign once you have decided on the timing, messaging, etc.

PrintSome options include;

* Unique landing pages to send all promotional activity (crucial for relevancy, and therefore success)

* Search ads (to make sure you appear when people are searching for inspiration)

* GDN Banners (great to create awareness and remind people of upcoming events, and inspire them to act)

* Social (a great platform to emphasise the emotive element of many of these events, and encourage sharing of promotions, etc.)

* Email campaigns (often very effective, particularly if your email list are segmented into demographic groups that are ideal for events throughout the year).

4) Optimisation – once the campaign is setup and running, optimisation is key to achieving the best performance possible. Many of these campaigns may only run once a year, so past data and insights are limited, and as they may only run for a short length of time – optimisation needs to occur almost as soon as the campaign begins. Waiting one week to optimise a two week campaign may be too late – you may have already missed many opportunities and/or spent money on keywords/messaging and other elements that are just not working.


Get started

Keeping on top of events that are coming up throughout the year, and planning a strategy for each well in advance is highly recommended to capitalise on the behaviours of consumers related to these events. We suggest that you start by creating a long term calendar (6 months, 12 months or whatever is appropriate for your business) of the events that are key to your industry and business, and then set yourself a reminder at least 1 month out to create your strategy for each. The additional effort that is involved in creating event specific campaigns is generally worthwhile in one way or another – so get started today!

Leanne discovered her passion for marketing and data during her Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in Marketing. Leanne’s wide knowledge of digital marketing, in particular paid search, SEO and social media, has flourished after working alongside some of the best minds in the industry at Online Republic and Search Republic. She has passed all of Google's qualifications and prides herself on staying up to date with the latest industry news and trends.

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