Looking for SEO Wellington? We Have Years of Search Engine Marketing Experience with Million-Dollar Companies.

Affordable search engine optimisation services in Wellington

People often ask what our biggest SEO learnings are from owning and managing over 3,000 websites. 

And the answer is always the same. Track everything and hire the smartest, most experienced experts in the industry. Thanks to this strategy, we’re able to generate millions in online revenue – every month, like clockwork – from organic search traffic in the toughest industries and the most competitive markets.

But that’s just a simplified overview.

SEO is far more complex and involves backlinks, content, technical audits and on-page optimisation, too. To compete for and achieve first-page rankings in the Google search results, you need more. You need to be good – really good. And that comes with experience and wisdom.

Our long-term learnings from 16 years of SEO

The benefit of owning 3,000+ websites is the ability to view SEO trends.  At any moment, we can interrogate our data and check exactly what Google has updated.

So, before we start any search engine optimisation project, we undertake detailed benchmarking.  This process involves tracking all high-intent keywords that we want a client’s website to rank for on Google and Bing. Detailed reporting is crucial to running an effective SEO campaign.

Whitehat vs blackhat SEO

Ten years ago, it was easy to rank on the first page of any search engine.  But thanks to the innovation of AI technology, search engine optimisation has become more difficult and time-consuming.

It’s crucial that the Wellington SEO company you partner with is experienced and has a reputable name in the SEO industry. Here are a few questions to ask SEO agencies, and how they should answer:

Q: Does content marketing play a big part in SEO today?

A: Yes, content marketing and on-page copy optimisation are vital in SEO today.  Some of Google’s biggest algorithm changes are related to content.

The most important content is the copy on your existing website. Over 70% of the websites we start working with contain under-optimized copy. And I’m not talking about jamming as many keywords as you can onto a page.

For content to rank, your page must include frequently-searched terms and high-converting terms, but also related keywords.  Google knows our intent because it records everything we search, all the websites we visit, and the videos we watch. Google is skilled at matching page copy with a user’s search query.

So, if your page doesn’t rank well in Google’s search results or generates very little organic traffic, under-optimisation could be the reason. 

Q: Will backlinks improve my website’s rankings and drive more visitors searching in Wellington for my products and services?

A: Most of the time, yes. But not all backlinks are the same. Google is very good at assessing the relevance of a linking page, as well as the overall website – e.g. a news site, a blog about babies or a forum on weight loss. Google also knows the background of the author and can identify who is an authority on a topic.

So, linkbuilding isn’t a volume game anymore. Small sites with a few backlinks are now outranking strong domains because of the quality and relevance of their content and backlinks.

And that makes sense. If you needed an expert on garden worms, you would validate their credentials, right? Perhaps someone who has written a book on the topic, is a member of the worm society and is mentioned in the top gardening magazines. Google works similarly when it assesses backlinks.

So, links and linkbuilding are still important, but so is relevance. So, make sure the search engine optimisation agency you partner with understands this.  

Q: What are your thoughts on schema markup?

A: It’s a must this day and age. Google wants it, and if you’re not taking advantage of it, you’ll be left behind in SEO.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help search engines return more informative results for users. It can be used for reviews, tables, FAQs, brands and more.

Q: Should I bother with Google Maps or local SEO for my Wellington-based business?

A: Yes, you should. Local search can be set up for free using Google My Business Listings and is a great way to present your business in the Google search results (SERPs).

Google Maps is vital for local businesses as listings appear in the local pack results. The local pack is a block of businesses that appear at the top of the search results. Users can click an entry to view a Google Business Listing, which includes vital information and contact data such as the website address, opening hours, business reviews and a Google map of your business location. 

Why choose Search Republic as your Wellington SEO company?

We’re ‘old hands’ in the digital marketing industry. Our directors have a huge breadth of experience, having worked at Google, global advertising agencies and million-dollar ecommerce startups.

They live and breathe SEO and online marketing and know exactly what it takes to run successful advertising campaigns online.

But it’s more than that. We have Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing in our DNA because we started our own million-dollar ecommerce company.

Search Republic was born from an ecommerce giant you’ve probably never heard about. Founded in 2004, our parent company Online Republic now invests $10-12 million per year on Google ads.

During this time, we’ve generated well over $1billion in online revenue, with a big chunk of that coming from search engine optimisation (SEO).

So, we have some very experienced marketers in our agency, working hands-on with our client’s businesses.

Wellington SEO services

We’ve helped a wide range of clients with their SEO, including global brands, startups, ecommerce sites, franchises and small businesses located in Wellington.

We can tailor a customised search marketing campaign to suit your requirements. And it doesn’t matter if you have limited knowledge of SEO. We’ll hold your hand and walk you through every step of the campaign.

As a digital agency, we generate effective results faster when our clients already have knowledge of SEO. When clients understand the ‘Why’ behind what we do, they implement our optimisation recommendations much faster.

Thus, we like to educate clients (who want to learn about search engine optimisation) to bring them up to an intermediate/advanced SEO level.  It’s a win-win: our clients gain SEO expertise, and we spend more time on SEO strategies and optimising their site.

Here’s a summary of the SEO services we offer:

  • Technical SEO and website audits

We conduct a detailed 50-page audit of your website. This covers the three key areas of SEO (technical, on-page and backlinks). Within that, we have sub-sections that detail how your site currently performs, how to fix any issues, and guidelines on SEO best practice to improve rankings. We also score your website against every section in the audit and provide an overall optimisation score with a priority list of tasks. No gibberish, just instructions that are easy to understand and execute.

This audit acts as an optimisation blueprint packed with examples, screenshots, and links to external videos. Your staff or developers can easily follow and implement the optimisation recommendations we make.

  • Content marketing

Content is King. Sounds cliché, I know, but great content truly is crucial in SEO today. If you have an aged domain or many websites linking back to your site, optimising your content could generate significant ranking and traffic improvements.

Looking to launch a new website design? A redesign is probably one of the most common times when a website will lose organic traffic. Improving user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) on your site is good – however, removing page copy or frequently-searched keywords in the process can cause huge profit loss.

We can help optimise existing page copy or provide advice on potential website designs to ensure you improve organic traffic, not lose it. Alternatively, we can write the copy or provide the content and keyword research for your own writers or staff to write inhouse.

  • Increasing site authority through whitehat link building

Backlinks are still vital to ranking a website. However, Google is trying to rely on them less. Building quality backlinks to a website will take time. Google focuses on the theme of the linking page, as well as the overall theme and authority of the linking domain. For example, it doesn’t make sense if a blog about cats links to a website selling farm feed.

We often find that clients already have quality backlinks, but they aren’t working to gain more. We have a sound process to maximise your existing link profile or build more quality links, if required.

Every industry is unique – thus, there are different ways to acquire links. If you need an assessment, give us a call. We can do a top-level link report and explain how your website compares to competitors.

Hiring an SEO agency vs a Wellington-based SEO consultant

I’ll be honest, we’re not the cheapest SEO company in the market. And that’s fine – we like it like that because we offer a premium product.  We’ve lost count of the number of prospects and clients who returned to us after leaving for a lower-cost SEO agency.

The grass is not greener on the other side. In fact, it’s often more expensive because we’re left to clean up the mess! Don’t pay for Weetbix and expect an eggs benedict with free-range eggs and wild salmon on the side.

But what if a Wellington-based SEO consultant approaches you? Wouldn’t meetings be easier if they’re in Wellington? Won’t they know the Wellington market better?

Perhaps, but from our experience running over 3,000 websites in almost every country in the world, data is the most important factor.

We spend over $3k per month on SEO tools, so we have a large database to analyse. Some of our tools examine over 800 SEO metrics and mirror how Google works. Others track billions of websites and record rankings for over 17k individual keywords.

SEO is a data game, and you need expensive tools to keep up. Many SEO consultants don’t have $3k+ a month to spend on these SEO tools, but we do.  I’m sure there are Wellington-based SEO consultants and companies that use similar tools, but remember – experience and knowledge matter the most in SEO.

SEO for my Wellington business… What to do next?

We’re not the cheapest SEO company in the market. And that’s fine, because we offer a premium service.  In saying that, we do feel we’re affordable when you consider the quality of service, knowledge and results we deliver.  So, think carefully about a lower-cost SEO agency. It may cost you in the long run.

So, if you’re still undecided about which Wellington SEO provider to hire, we’d love to chat.  We’ll walk you through our website optimisation process, and you can ask any questions related to your site.  There’s no charge for our time, and you’ll speak directly with the experts, not a fast-talking sales rep.

We’re down to earth, professional and we know what we’re doing.  So, if you’re looking for SEO in Wellington for your business, book a free consultation. We’ll improve your organic online presence and help push your business to the audiences whom you want to target the most.