Search marketing, digital marketing, and everything in between
The Search Republic team combined world class expertise with more than 10 years' experience to offer your business the best search and digital marketing solutions.
The Search Republic team combines world ­class expertise with more than 10 years’ experience to offer your business the best search and digital marketing solutions.
Search marketing, digital marketing and everything in between

We’ve already done the hard work so we know what works and what doesn’t, which means you’ll get the most out of your digital marketing investment.

Paid search (also known as search engine marketing, or SEM) uses your buying power to get your business in front of thousands of potential customers – quickly.

Make it easier for potential customers to find your website with highly-effective search engine optimisation (SEO).

Search Republic’s CRO practitioners maximise the return on your advertising investment by improving conversion rates via A/B split testing.

We create useful, relevant and genuinely informative content marketing that provides long ­term value to your target audience.

Analytics compares the real­time performance of your website with where you’ve been and where you want to go. The intuitive Search Republic dashboard makes it easy to track your progress.

Desktop usage is on the down as users increasingly look to mobile devices for searching and making e­-commerce transactions. Search Republic creates mobile marketing strategies that keep customers searching your site, even when they’re away from their computer.

Social media is a powerful way for businesses to engage with their audience. Search Republic’s social experts can help you with everything from creating a social media strategy to setting up your accounts.

Display advertising puts your brand and business in front of millions of potential customers on external websites, social media and apps.

User testing looks at your website through the eyes of your visitors, and identifies any hurdles that prevent conversion. We’ve spent more than a decade testing and improving websites, so we understand what makes a good user experience.

Search Republic creates custom online strategies for businesses large and small that will have a real impact on your search and digital results.

Marketing initiatives targeted to one audience don't always work with another. Search Republic creates targeted online and marketing strategies that work specifically for the Chinese market, the biggest and most competitive market in the world.



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