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Spaceman Robot

Google’s Killer AI

In late 2015, Google in a characteristically cryptic fashion, announced that it had begun utilising an AI named RankBrain, to…
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The Most expensive Keywords on Google

How much are the most expensive keywords in the World? $30, $50 or even $75? Think again!

2016 is shaping up to be another good year for Google (we should now say alphabet when we talk about…
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Local SEO Listings

Getting the most from your Google My Business listing

Just how important is local SEO? With local searches now leading 50% of mobile visitors to a store within a…
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Preparing for Mother’s Day and other events

With Mother’s Day not too far away, I hope that most advertisers (or at least those that have a product/service…
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Arm wrestle cropped

Back to Basics – Paid Search Competition defines competition as the “rivalry between two or more persons or groups for an object desired in common, usually…
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Mobile Marketing

The State of Mobile Search in 2016

With Google rolling out a steady stream of ranking algorithm updates and mobile search features, 2016 is shaping up to be another huge…
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Google Adwords change 2 weeks on

Google’s Right Hand Gone – What’s been the impact?

It’s been quoted as “the biggest change in Adwords since its launch in 2000” - we are now 2 weeks…
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Adwords Gone 4

“No more ads on the right hand side” says Google

As of yesterday it has been confirmed by Google that the change is now rolling out to all searches in…
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Social Media Search

Social Search 101

What is social search? Social search is a form of enhanced search that combines traditional impersonal search algorithms with information…
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Search Engines: STILL the most trusted Media Source

A year ago I wrote a blog on the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer; and in particular that for the first…
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Best email subject lines open rates examples best practice

How to Write the Best Email Subject Lines Email is, or should be, in the arsenal of every marketing department’s…
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Get more out of Christmas with Search

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so they say; Christmas! A day to celebrate, eat, drink, be…
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Google’s Stance on Link Building in 2015

The continued viability of link building as an effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy has been debated by search marketing…
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Conversion Rate Optimisation – Where To Start

Conversion Rate Optimisation , often referred to as CRO for short, is the process of optimising a website to improve…
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How to speak in search

You changed your bidding strategy and your CPC decreased by how much? But what about CTR? And CPA? What IS…
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Google Takes Additional Steps To Improve Mobile Ad Traffic Quality

Everyone has been exposed to ads online, but on mobile they can be particularly annoying. Users frequently find themselves clicking…
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Is New Zealand on its way to being a digital nation?

On January 18 2015, the record for the fastest 10 km on crutches was awarded to a New Zealander who…
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Remarketing for Search Ads with Google Analytics

      Remarketing for Search ads (RLSA) is similar to display remarketing in that you are showing ads to…
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Bing Ads – Is it worth it?

  Bing Ads – they’re no Google AdWords with only 3% of the NZ search market – but there’s often…
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TrueView For Shopping Has Launched On YouTube

A month ago YouTube was updated with TrueView cards – to make videos (and ads) more interactive, particularly on mobile.…
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Google AdWords Search Funnels – a.k.a. Attribution

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced that Search Funnels within the AdWords interface were being renamed to “Attribution”. Attribution…
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The Google Keyword Planner has changed!

Well not really… Changes to the Keyword Planner The change that Google has made to the Keyword Planner tool is…
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Manage Campaigns On The Go With The AdWords App

In early March 2015 Google finally released an Android AdWords app. You can download it here. This is a great…
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Mobile First – Google’s Doing it – Should all Marketers Follow Suit?

April 21st is Google’s ‘Mobile’ day (explained here ). So is it time for marketers to follow Google’s lead…
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Make Your Written Content ‘POP’ With Graphics

It’s no secret that quality content is key when it comes to getting recognised in the Search Engine ranks, with…
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New Mobile-Friendly Google Algorithm Update, Ignore At Your Own Risk!

Google recently made an announcement addressed to all webmasters. “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness…
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How to use Call-Only campaigns in Google AdWords

On February 20 2015, Google AdWords introduced call-only campaigns. As this feature is still relatively new, a lot of people…
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A beautiful example of a landing page optimised for conversions

Occasionally, I’ll come across a slick looking landing page and save it to my swipe file to replicate and test…
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2015 – The year of the sheep and Customer Experience

  According to Chinese Zodiac 2015 is the Year of the Sheep and it starts today, Feb 19th – So…
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Search Engines Now The Most Trusted Media Source

The 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer was recently released and offers some thought-provoking insight around trust, and in particular which media…
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Facebook Now Drives a Quarter of all Web Traffic

Shareaholic recently released an analysis of the traffic sources of over 300,000 sites and found that traffic from Facebook has…
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AdWords Custom Columns, Helping You Keep Track of What Actually Matters

I’m going to get a bit geeky here, but at the end of 2014 Google quietly released a new AdWords…
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What are the Best GDN Advertising Banner Sizes?

The amount of volume available on the Google Display Network (GDN) is eye watering but, with so much traffic available,…
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Are NZ marketers finally starting to fish where the fish are?

The latest digital marketing figures are out from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and spend on digital marketing is soaring…
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Google’s Hummingbird – and what it means to you

I’m sure since the announcement of Google’s new search algorithm Hummingbird (not an update such as penguin or panda) last…
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‘As I see it’ The billion dollar baby

Starting from small beginnings and one car rental booking website in 2004, Mike Ballantyne tells us how he’s taking his…
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Search and destroy: how Online Republic became the $140 million company you’ve never heard of

Hidden away on the top two floors of the Generator Building in the heart of Auckland City, is a multi-million…
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Twelve Questions with Mike Ballantyne

By Sarah Stuart 5:30 AM Thursday Jan 24, 2013 – Mike Ballantyne owns under-the-radar Kiwi internet business Online Republic,…
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Has NZ e-commerce giant Online Republic just built the ultimate search agency?

With a new year underway, perhaps you've realised it's time to take your online investment more seriously. You’re probably doing…
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Let Adwords Automated Rules do your donkey work for you.

How do you manage your Adwords in a fierce marketplace?  Chances are, that you are doing this manually online or…
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